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...  written in a light hearted manner, with those considering taking the next steps in mind.

... packed full of photographs comprising stunning coastal scenery, divers in their element and a selection of underwater shots from his favourite UK dive sites.

Sport Diver Magazine

...  fantastically well designed and easy to read guide book.

... its effectiveness is within its simplicity, with everything from its layout to its narative designed to be uncomplicated and helpful.

Diver Magazine

... the author's declared target audience is new divers looking to organise their own trips and even non-divers seeking inspiration - the book is a personal view of what makes home waters diving so appealing.

... Will Appleyard has a pleasant way of describing the various locations and avoids getting bogged down in detail.

... some general diving advise is included and the book is well laid out.

From a customer who bought "Discover UK Diving" from this website

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that I received my copy of your book on Saturday and by last night had finished reading it!

It was great to receive it in such a timely fashion and having read it I think it will be great as a reference for when we visit the South Coast, the simple layout, basic facts on the dive and brief narrative on each dive make the book easy to read as well as encouraging.

I look forward to completing some of the dives!

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Miranda Krestovnikoff - Great idea! You beat me to it - I wish you all the very best with sales.

 - See the "Lundy's 40" article in Diver Magazine, May 2011 for the authors review 

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