UK Diving

Vase Reef - Porthkerris, Cornwall

Drawna Rocks, Portkerris - don't try this at home kids

Drawna Rocks, Porthkerris - pre morning dive

Vase Reef, Porthkerris, Cornwall - great vis

Drawna Rocks, Porthkerris, Cornwall 

Waiting for the boat, Porthkerris, Cornwall

Aboard the Celtic Cat, Porthkerris 

Base camp, Porthkerris, Cornwall

Waiting for the kettle to boil - camping at Porthkerris Cove, Cornwall

Kayak time, Porhkerris, Cornwall

Tomb stone time, the "secret cove", Porthkerris, Cornwall

Autumn, Vobster Quay

Rob "Sneaky" Roslyn - DUKD dive team, Vobster Quay

Bib on the wreck of the Shirala - West Sussex ( diving with Southern Coast Charters )

A Lumpsucker on "The Dredger", Portland - Dorset

Pipefish - Bally Bay, Portland - Dorset

Plumose Anemone - the wreck of the MV Robert, Lundy Island

Meeting the locals - Lundy Island

Lundy grey seal

Diver with pink sea fan - Lundy Island

Lundy compass jelly

Lundy jelly

Snorkling - Lundy Island

Spider crab on the wreck of the Carmine Filomena - Lundy Island

See the above picture featured in Diver Magazine - "Lundy's 40" article

Diver peering through wreckage of The Volnay - Porthkerris

Thorn backed ray - Helford River, Porthkerris

About to dive "The Volnay" wreck - Porthkerris

Jewel anemone - "The Mohegan" wreck - Porthkerris

Cuttlefish - Mulberrys - Selsey, West Sussex

Vobster Quay - the old trees

Vobster Quay - Autumn leaves

Divers down - Gannet's Bay - Lundy Island

Beautiful Lundy - early morning

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