An Introduction & Personal Guide to UK Scuba Diving

Five Southern Counties

ISBN: 978-0956134639       Red Flannel Publishing     Available here     £9.99 + p&p


  • Equipment & safety chapter
  • Dive trip planning & considerations
  • A diverse selection of dive sites across five southern counties
  • Packed full of stunning photographs from both above and below the waves
  • Dive centre directory to accompany the sites included
  • Ideal for the beginner and the curious

Sample page: The Volnay (wreck dive site) Cornwall

"Discover UK Diving" has been created by keen diver and amateur photographer Will Appleyard.  His book has been designed to encourage newly qualified divers and "holiday divers" alike, into a diverse underwater world just waiting to be explored.  Will's book is packed full of photographs, comprising stunning coastal scenery, divers in their element and a selection of underwater shots taken while diving his favourite sites along the UK's south coast.

Those new to diving or curious about the sport may often wonder what UK diving has to offer them.  "Discover UK Diving" showcases a selection of exciting dive sites, a beautiful array of sealife and visibility often associated with diving abroad.  The book is very much Will's personal account, written in a light-hearted manner, with those considering taking the next steps in mind.

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